A first first for Dalin, night finishes

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Last night, after the announcement of the organization of the Arctic Vendée shorten the course at the Iceland gate, five skippers crossed the finish line. Charlie Dalin (APIVIA) wins (provisionally before jury) the Vendée Arctique, his second major IMOCA victory back to back with last month’s Guyader-Bermudes  1000 race. Speaking from his mooring in the early hours of the morning in the Icelandic fjord where he has been sheltering since crossing the gate, Dalin said: “I have just learned of the decision of Race Direction to stop the course after the gate and so that is to say I have won this Vendée Arctique 2022 and I am super happy and so everything went well. It is the first time that I have learned I have won a race when I am on a mooring, so a little first for me, and so I am going to celebrate this victory with a little Savoyard Fondue with a view of the snowy mountains and so there you have it, not bad. I am thinking of you all in the heatwave and say see you soon in Les Sables d’Olonne.”

Taking fourth place, first non-foiling boat was Benjamin Ferré (Monnoyeur - Duo For a Job) with a race time of 5d 07h 09min 00s, 21h 48min 34s behind the winner, Charlie Dalin (APIVIA). A remarkable performance for what is his second IMOCA race. Monnoyeur For A Job is the former Macif, former SMA, former Banque Populaire. It is the first IMOCA with straight daggerboards in the ranking.
Louis Burton (Bureau Vallée) took 5th place, with a race time of 5d 08h 50min 00s, 23h 29min 34s from the winner.
Guirec Soudée (freelance.com) took 6th place, with a race time of 5d 09h 07min 00s, 23h 46min 34s from the winner.
Alan Roura (Hublot) took 7th place, with a race time of 5d 09h 47min 00s, 1d 00h 26min 34s from the winner.
Louis Duc (Fives - Lantana Environnement) took 8th place, with a race time of 5d 09h 54min 00s, 1d 00h 33min 34s behind the winner.
Damien Seguin (APICIL Group) took 9th place, with a race time of 5d 10h 10min, 1d 00h 49min 34s from the winner.
Nicolas Lunven (Banque Populaire) took 10th place, with a race time of 5d 10h 43min, 1d 01h 22min 34s from the winner.
Benjamin Dutreux (GUYOT Environnement - Water Family) took 11th place with a time of 5d 11h 24min, 1d 02h 03min 34s behind the winner.
Giancarlo Pedote (Prysmian Group) took 12th place with a time of 5d 12h 17min, 1d 02h 56min 34s from the winner.

Pip Hare (Medallia) finished in 12th place at 08:25:27hrs HF in 5d 15h 25m 27s