Guirec Soudée


  • Port Bourgenay
  • 30 years old

A 30-year-old adventurer and sailor, Guirec Soudée set off at the age of 21 on a round the world passage via the poles alone and without assistance aboard his steel sailboat Yvinec. He was accompanied by his red hen Monique. He survived a winter alone and unsupported in the middle of a Greenland ice floe in the middle of the polar winter. His only food was rice and the eggs that Monique laid for him during the 130 days of solitude. At 24, he went on to become the youngest sailor in the world to cross the Northwest Passage. After many adventures along the way on December 15, 2018, 5 years later, he returned finally to northern Brittany. Guirec also completed a double transatlantic solo rowing and without assistance in both directions: east-west then west-east via the north. He narrowly escaped sinking. Having lost all means of contacting land (only the cargo ships he crossed gave news to his family), he took 107 days to reach the meridian of the Créac'h lighthouse off the island of Ouessant by September 30, 2021. Now Soudée has launched a new  adventure project – ocean racing in an IMOCA setting out to take on the Vendée Globe 2024.
  • Sail number: NC
  • Former names: ESTRELLA DAMM, BT, Veolia Environnement, Hugo BOSS, Neutrogena,, Safran, Spirit of Yukoh IV, Water Family, OMIA - Water Family
  • Architect: Bruce Farr Yacht Design
  • Construction: Offshore Challenges Sailing Team, Cowes, Royaume-Uni
  • Launch Date: 2007
  • Length: 18,28 m
  • Beam: 5,85 m
  • Draught: 4,50 m
  • Weight: 8,4 tonnes
  • Mast height: 29 m
  • Upwind sail area: 296 m2
  • Downwind sail area: 700 m2
  • Foils: Non

His prizelist

  • 2022 : Guyader Bermudes 1000 Race - 16th